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Chicago Style Steppers GroupThe National Chicago Style Steppers Day event is for all steppers in all groups who dance Chicago style stepping and will be celebrated in both established events and events created just for the celebration in major cities across the nation on the same day as a grand display of unity for the dance. The first National Chicago Style Steppers Day event on August 14th 2010 and the second National Chicago Style Steppers Day was on August 13th 2011, the third was on August 11th 2012, the fourth was on August 10th 2014 and it was celebrated across the country and we couldn't be prouder!

The National Chicago Style Steppers Day event was the first and largest coordinated national event for the Chicago style steppers community ever attempted to celebrate the dance in unity. The sixth anniversary 2015 event is currently in the planning stages in each city to include even more steppers. It's a steppers holiday events will vary in each city.

The story behind the event

It all started with a Facebook Group Called Chicago Style Stepping founded by Markie Bee of SteppersUSA.Com. The groups purpose statement is; It doesn't matter if you're Old Skool, New Skool, or no Skool, East Coast, West Coast, Midwest or South. Across the country We're all Steppers 4 Ever! The dance is here for everyone to enjoy!

Once the group reached a milestone of over 3000 members Markie sent an email to all of the members suggesting a get together unlike other Facebook get-togethers in the Chicago style steppers genre. He proposed the group meet in multiple cities simultaneously and use modern technology via Laptops or smart phones to upload photos or video from each event to the group so everyone can see all of the events.Pick A Date

As the event planning continued, the idea occurred that this could become an event that should be all-inclusive and not limited to one Facebook group but to all steppers in all Facebook Groups, and pages dedicated to the Chicago style steppers genre.

The National Chicago Style Steppers Day event idea grew from the thought based on the idea there wasn't a day where all people who step could celebrate the dance they love, and the people who make up the ever-growing community where ever they are across the United States thus taking it beyond the limits of Facebook, its Groups and pages.

The members of the group were invited to a conference call where ideas were tossed around and it was decided a poll of the members to decide the date of the event would be held. The date of the event was decided as a result of the poll as the second Saturday in August and in 2015 it is August 8, 2015.

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